Address It - LPB Poody 「Lyrics」

(48kHz) These niggas got it...
(Stxnk, you hard) Bitch, I got it off the muscle
He wanna fight, I don't tussle
Uh, I'm talkin' 'bout...

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Address It - LPB Poody 「Lyrics」

(48kHz) These niggas got it...
(Stxnk, you hard) Bitch, I got it off the muscle
He wanna fight, I don't tussle
Uh, I'm talkin' 'bout...

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm

I see the pussy boy ain't learned his lesson

Ain't no location, but I'm gon' address it
Cause how I feel, it's time to go to steppin'
Like Golden State, this 40 holdin' Stephen
This shit here gon' get messy
These rappers be so lame, but they want fame from the media
Poody, that's my name, go check me out, Wikipedia
No Lolz explain itself a lot, I defeated ya
I got it off the muscle, who the fuck said I needed ya?
I made a name for myself, pussy boy, I don't need you
You breathe how I breathe and you bleed how I bleed too
I roll up like a dutch and we gon' smoke just like weed do
He say I shed skin, no python, but I squeeze too
I say them niggas do they thang, but they don't do it like we do
No ratatouille, we got the recipe to get cheese too

Like how the fuck you 'posed to leave the streets when they feed you?
You gon' feel how you feel, but don't let that mislead you
In the streets my niggas choppin' trees 'cause they so scared to leave
Kickstand all in my cup, 'cause I be sippin' lean
He only tote when he on monkeys, so make him pop a bean
Niggas always reachin' for some clout, bruh, that shit so green
I'ma make sure that they hear me through these headphones
You niggas speakin' on these charges, dawg, y’all dead wrong
But let a nigga speak on Mari, then his head gone
I'ma set his ass up with my lil' redbone
My lil' bitch in Jacksonville scopin' out every home
Sticks and stones when we slide, breakin' every bone
Make these niggas multiply 'cause his mans gone
My nigga told me fuck that bitch and bring the bread home

Ayy, look

Ayy, look, man
However you niggas wanna play it (I ain't got no rap)
However you niggas wanna take it, nigga, we can take it there, nigga (No rap for none of you niggas)
It don't matter, however y'all wanna do it, nigga (You social media-ass niggas)
Gunplay, anything, nigga, I'm down with whatever, nigga (You fuck niggas ain't livin' like that)
We'll start lettin' off shit
Y'all know how I'm comin', nigga, Lightpole (You know what I'm sayin'? Niggas got me fucked up, but I'ma go back in there)
G7, get cheese the movement, nigga
Ayy, look, man, I still wanna talk that shit (Fuck nigga can't spare me)
Keep talkin' that shit, you wanna jump me?
Talk to 'em (Check me out)

Man, fuck that, I ain't gon' even rap no more, nigga, you niggas get the message
You niggas know what the fuck I'm tryna say
Just don't at me in shit, nigga
Don't at me in nothin' on the 'Gram, nigga
Nothin' on any kinda social media, nigga
Straight up, nigga
Or wherever I see your ass at, it's gon' be that, nigga
I'm gone

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